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FARMA METSOVOU is located in the mountainous village of Chrysovitsa, wider region of Metsovo, Ioannina and covers 18 acres of sheltered slopes. Donkeys farm was established in October 2014 and until now is being developed with love and dedication but also respect to the natural environment. Our lovely donkeys are bred with love and care and give us their valuable milk.

The 60 donkeys’ milk is pasteurized under specific conditions to keep its high nutritional value and freshness as well as the food standards. The donkey milk is one of the most valuable food products and the only milk close to woman’s milk.

The sixty ( 60 ) animals reared in the area , is ready to offer high quality fresh pasteurized milk tested by an accredited laboratory , which also includes all those nutrients , which have made the donkey milk the next most valuable food product , for its composition and characteristics , after breast milk .

Donkey’s milk was already known to ancient civilizations. In 375 BC, the Greek physician Hippocrates recommended it for all sorts of problems (wound healing, poisoning, joint pain). Of course, there was Cleopatra VII, who was taking baths in donkey’s milk. The Romans used it to prepare a luxury drink and beauty products.Later, donkey milk widely used to reduce pertussis, one of the childhood diseases causes severe coughing. This use was widespread in almost all Mediterranean countries, up to the mid-60s.

Recent clinical studies, mainly in countries like Italy and France, certify that the donkey milk, is the only natural food of animal origin, with the closest characteristics to those of woman’s milk.

According to research and clinical studies of large pediatric clinics to infants allergic to cow’s milk demonstrates that 90% of participants in the study drinking donkey milk, did not show allergic symptoms.  Additionally, the sweet taste makes it palatable and easily drunk by infants.


Oily - g/100gLactose - g/100gProteins - g/100gLysozyme (an enzyme ) - g/100g
Breast milk88,306,501,5040 - 500
cow’s milk87,504,703,500,013
donkey milk91,106,731,63325
Goat milk88,564,502,900,03

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