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Products of Farma Metsovou

Fresh pasteurized donkey milk

Immediately after the mechanical milking of our donkeys, the milk is filtered and pasteurized in order to meet the food standards required in the European market. After the pasteurization process, milk is bottled into sterile glass bottles of 100 and 200 ml and kept in the refrigerator until consumption.
Preservation of the product: The product should be kept in fridge at temperatures from 0ο C to 4ο C, until consumption based on expiry date.
Use of the product: milk can be consumed cold and hot but the temperature must not exceed the 72ο C, in order not to lose its nutritional value.

Donkey milk powder

In the near future our farm will start the conversion of fresh milk to powder, which will be packed in food packages of 100 gr. Every package of 100 gr is produced from 1.200 gr fresh milk.

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